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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sports in Taipei

Due to Taiwan being under American and Japanese influence over the years, the sports of baseball in particular and basketball have become popular in the city. Taipei, like the rest of the country, has featured most prominently in baseball and has often been the venue for the Asian Baseball Championship since the 1960s.
Below is a list of recent sporting events hosted by the city:
2001 Asian Baseball Championship
2001 Baseball World Cup
2001 AFC Women's Championship
2004 FIFA Futsal World Championship
2007 Baseball World Cup
2009 Summer Deaflympics
The Taipei Arena is located in the city home to baseball with a capacity of over 15,000. It is located at the site of the former Taipei Municipal Baseball Stadium (demolished in 2000). Designed by Archasia, the arena was opened on December 1, 2005. Since opening in 2005, the arena has held more art and cultural activities (such as live concerts) than sporting events, which it was originally designed and built for.
The main arena has an adjustable floor space: its minimum floor space is 60 × 30 m (196.85 ft × 98.43 ft), and can be extended to 80 × 40 m (262.47 ft × 131.23 ft). The Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League (CIHL) plays out of the auxiliary arena, which is a 60 × 30 m (196.85 ft × 98.43 ft) ice skating rink.
Taipei has the only football-specific stadium in Taiwan, Zhongshan Soccer Stadium, which hosts the national football team. It hosts qualifiers for the FIFA World and AFC regional cups, and finals of school football tournaments. Since there are no professional football leagues in Taiwan, no other sporting events are held there.

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